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Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font With MyScriptFont

The idea behind MyScriptFont is that it allows you to create and generate fonts from your handwriting. You can even make up a new design for every letter in the alphabet, turn that into a workable font, then use it to create all your future work. All you need is a marker or felt-tip pen and a scanner to get started.

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Insolite : The Image Language

This is an interactive visual experiment, created to explore the possibilities of two things: words and images. Using the most popular online search engine we are able to write with images. Every word we search online is represented by the first image that Google Image shows, turning them into a new language.

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Les formulaires me donnent des boutons

Bon c’est pas vrai mais je suis fanatique des jeux de mots débiles.

Qui dit formulaire dit « boutons »…

Très complet et gratuit : As Button Generator. exemple :

Celui-ci permet de faire des onglets avec des dégradés : Fresh Generator

Page récapitulative : 6 Online Web 2.0 Button Generators

A combiner avec

Et les propriétés CSS qui vont bien :

.submit {border:none;color:#fff; background: transparent url(‘images/monimage.png’) no-repeat top left; width:75px; height:20px; }